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XMI input module example with Entreprise Architect

XMI input
Enteprise Architect Example
Step 1

Reading the XMI file, using the XPATH library

Step  3 - arrow

Pulsar has defined a proprietary XML format for storing model information. This format is used as input to MODEL MAPPER for any generation operation.

Step 2

Converting the XMI format to the proprietary XML format

Step 3
Step 4
Step 4 arrow

Pulsar has defined a meta-model  that contains each and every information of the considered model in a structure in which entity collections are grouped in package/namespace. 

Step 5
Step 6

Loading image files

Adding information from images in the internal meta-model

After that, each output module writes the desired information in a specific format. The most complicated formats (thus excluding the export of a list of keywords) use the Velocity library.

The input module classes implement the InputModule interface while the output module classes implement the OutputModule interface.

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